Dennis & Sue Wirth
41932 Via San Luis Rey Fremont CA 94539

Pia DID it! Here’s Is a list of exactly what Pia did for ME:

Sold Our Mission Fremont home $122,000 over asking price with 10 offers. Sold in 13 days.

1. Found a house in the area I wanted & the schools for Tristan
2. Found a huge single story 5 bedroom 3 bath home with side yard access for King Dennis
3. Negotiated to get enough $$ to replace the heating ducts ($7000).
4. Found a house that we did NOT have to do a bidding war- that would have been TOO hard on my nerves
5. Sold Fremont house with perfect timing I know it was stressful for you, but the timing was perfect!!!!!!!
No competition

6. You did NOT sit back and wait for offers to roll in.
You walked the streets and knocked on doors!!
7. You helped me stage the house- running from room to room!
8. You made a detailed list of each room and what I needed to do– our home looked like a model home! It helped!
9. You did 2 Open Houses! yay! and you looked SO gorgeous!!! You represented our home with class!
10. You got 10 offers in 13 days!
11. I had asked you to find me a buyer so you could represent both of us— much much easier transaction – no “agent arguments” lol
Well…you did exactly that!!!!!!!!!
12. I asked you to find a buyer who would take the house “as is” and you did it!!!!
13. I asked you to get us a rent back at no charge. You did it!!!!
14. I asked you to find a family with young children so it would be easier for me to “leave my home of 36 years” You did it!
AND they have 2 little girls yay!!!
Our daughters have loved their home! Now 2 more little girls will love it.
Pia, Pia, Pia….
What can I say except thank you.
Love you-


Rosalyn & Marcos Fontabla
258 Bridgewater Rd. Hayward CA 94544

She was able to stop the foreclosure on our home. Pia did her best to tackle all problems we encountered until closing of the sale. We appreciated very much her negotiating our moving/ relocation assistance money from the lender. We were still able to stay at our home for 4 months during the transaction. Pia’s experience in Short Sale helped a lot in smooth processing in selling our property & avoid foreclosure. Highly recommend!


Randall Moniz
29381 Nantucket Way # 96 Hayward CA 94544

Pia makes you feel like a family. She handled the sale of my home really well. Pia has the best personality as an agent. She’s very professional in all aspects – returned my calls & texts promptly. Pia found a cash buyer for my home. She knows the market very well and is knowledgeable, courteous & helpful. Pia smooths everything out for me. She knows how to put a great open house & a price to sell my home fast. Highly recommend!


Nguyet Ha & Andrew Yu
2176 167th Ave. San Leandro CA 94578

Pia is a very knowledgeable Realtor. She knows how to win an offer. She has gone above and beyond to help us close the deal. She has a great inter personal skills & negotiation skills to help us get the best deal at a lower price. We love Pia! She works hard to meet our best interests at all times. Highly recommend because she is a fantastic Realtor.


Rommel Sanchez
326 Revere Ave. Hayward CA 94544

This is the second time I used Pia & her team – very much happy & satisfied. Pia enlightened me the pros & cons of selling the property. She was not “pushy”. She guided me to make a final decision while I was still contemplating on selling my property. We closed very quick! Pia was very courteous and very knowledgeable of Real Estate matters. She had given me full support and guidance throughout the process as a seller.


Kryzstof Pilawski
325 Valle Vista Ave #204 Hayward CA 94544
1603 Chandler St. Oakland CA 94603

Third (3rd) time I have used Pia & her team. I am very satisfied with the services. She cares a lot & prepared my home in the market for sale. She was very knowledgeable, courteous & helpful and returned all my calls promptly. Highly recommend!


Karen & Dwayne Dinucci
32810 Palmdale Ct. Union City CA 94587

Pia was very respectful and professional in her dealings with our home sale. We also appreciated her spunky personality and sense of humor. She was very knowledgeable of the market, returned our calls promptly and very satisfied with her team’s services. Our transaction closed in a timely manner.


Myrna Bandian
21385 Gary Dr Hayward CA 94546

Pia is very knowledgeable in her market & always does things professionally – on time calls & appointments. Her team made the transaction smooth & updated. Pia gave us practical advise and give alternative solutions when there are problems in the transaction. She’s very approachable & friendly. Highly recommend!


Daniel Barnes
2624 Jacobs Place Hayward CA 94541

Pia helped me get started with selling my home. She carried the transactions all the way to the final & offered a moving truck at the end. Pia is very much knowledgeable & helpful at at all times. I couldn’t have a better agent. She was great! Everything was more than I expected. Thank you.


Kay Gricius
362 Jerilynn Lane, Hayward CA 94541

Pia is more than 100% excellent service! She has helped me find a good buyer for my house & close in 7 days just in time before my departure out of state. She always return my calls promptly and even checks up on me. She has worked hard to help me in every way she can doing what is more than required of her. She is always sincere in helping me. I am very thankful for Pia! Highly recommend!


Clairanne Smith
22369 Ralston Ct. Hayward CA 94541

Pia is very understanding, courteous, knowledgeable & helpful at all times. She does not neglect returning our calls. My family & I were very satisfied with her services. I will choose Pia because of her diligent  & hard work not because of where she works.  Her team is always helpful & friendly. I will always recommend her to our friends & family.