Find the perfect school for your children. I recommend using these two sites for your search:


allows you to find the API of each school. This shows the ranking of the school comparing it with another school. This site also presents other means of ranking the school such as school combination rank and SnH score. The school combination rank is a tool combining 3 schools of different levels : Home school, elementary, middle & high school so parents can compare and have options of enrolling their children to another school of the same rank should their first choice becomes unavailable. The SnH score shows overall public school performance in a specific area and ranks this from 0-10 with 10 being the highest in performance.


 is an interesting ranking based on community ratings.  Parents, students, teachers and any member of the community provide feedback of the school wether this pertaining to education, overall academics, general activities of the school or overall family experience towards the school & its staff.


Enjoy searching!