A Modern Contemporary home in Hayward – from white to bright


I had the opportunity to visit back my clients’ property in Hayward a year after I assisted them on this purchase. It was a dual celebration – housewarming & birthday of their child. I had the chance to take my children along to enjoy the event. This property nestled below California State University East Bay. It is a 3 bedroom 2 bath with year built 1951. The property was acquired by the seller as a foreclosed property and flipped it back on the market for sale. This property is a fully remodeled home with granite kitchen counter tops, new laminate flooring, new carpets in the rooms, new sink, and kitchen appliances and dual pane windows. It was indeed a move in condition with some mild touch ups required.

They are a very nice couple. I had fun assisting them on this transaction. We saw perhaps around 20 houses. Prepared and submitted bids to around 5-7 properties until we nailed on this one.  A year back, it was the same competitive market like today. We were constantly out in the market hunting for their 1st home for 2 months. Multiple offers here & there, bidding wars, name it!. The listing price was $315,000 and we closed this at $350,000. They were in contract with a previous buyer but couldn’t obtain a loan from the bank. I pursued speaking with the sellers and conveyed  my clients’ persistence with the property and are sure buyers to obtain a mortgage. They were indeed strong buyers after all I have them undergo a DU approval. The sellers were quite stingy at first & didn’t want to accept some repairs request on our end. With constant persistence & negotiation skills, sellers gave in and approved some repairs.

I am always amazed how my clients turn their properties into what they call home. Their motif is modern contemporary. With the permission of my generous clients, I am sharing before & after pictures of their lovely home. See how easy do it yourself  with affordable materials can turn a house into a gem. Please excuse some photos may include people & sponge bob. It was a fun crowd in their party & didn’t want to excuse guests for my own objective.



photo 3 photo 2 photo 1


From white to paint living room to darling ice blue with a spark of dark blue lines in the middle of the walls. They placed an abstract large painting  that complements the leather white sofa. Dark blue paint is picked on the other side of the wall towards the hallway. I love it!


Notice the fireplace (click to see a bigger photo) before only used large cheap tiles and now replaced by glass inspired tiles of black, white, brown & black. it suddenly looked very upscale. It only cost them $10.00 per square foot. Bought 10 tiles and finished in approximately 2 days. He was not in a hurry & did it only when he’s able. In fact It looked like professionally done. This is my favorite spot they did on the place.

MAXEBRDI40562953I photo 4
Before After

Nothing was done on the backyard as it was in good shape. It originally had the roof. They have made it their son’s playground.


Before After
Before After

It was originally remodeled with new sink & cabinet, tiled floorings but no shower covers. This is one thing that seller opposed on our request for them to provide. One of the tiny challenges I have to renegotiate with them but unlucky with this one. From white wall to light army green was painted to it.  Clients were not in a hurry to put in a permanent shower cover instead placed in a standard shower curtain for now which was economical.

photo 3 photo 2 photo 1


From white walls to beautifully picked colors of light green, yellow & streaks of blue & light lavander. All the colors are very relaxing and need not to exagerrate or experiment with other color combinations. They picked furniture size just right for the room still to have ample moving space for occupant.

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The kitchen is modern with gracious upgrades such as granite counter tops, white cabinets, beige tiled floorings, new stainless steel appliances. The owners changed the wall paints to a shade of peace color. I have no “after” picture of this as this area was always busy. As you know, where the food is placed there you will find the crowd!

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