The most colorful home in Hayward, Southwestern style – 8 dream catchers on board


It was a chilly Sunday afternoon tea time with an awesome client who’s born and raised in Poland.  Angeli & I had the opportunity of re-visiting his new found home in Hayward four months after we closed in July 3rd. I have assisted him on his purchase. And yes even on mobile homes, had multiple offers. There were three total  offers including ours and we nailed it with a straight out offer closing in 14 days and the seller couldn’t resist!

This is a senior mobile home community with year built in 1972. The house was in its original old condition when purchased and omg! definitely needs much work to do in order to be live-able. The yellow carpet was too dirty, cracked vinyl floors in the kitchen & bath, discontinued wall paints all over the property. But because my very talented client is both a licensed contractor & electrician and not to mention an artist by heart,  he did a one man show turning this house to the liveliest home in his community.  He turned this gem ideally a 3 week work but extended to 45 days working 6-8 hours per day. You’ll see most of his furnitures are handcrafted by him. Pardon some pictures may not come out well due to lighting as I was just using my iPhone.

Entry Area/Living Room

Upon entering his home, we were welcomed with his colorful collection of crosses of various sizes which he got in his travels pulling off along the roads of Arizona & New Mexico, etc. Notice the lovely and attractive cabinet was handcrafted by him.

IMG_3618 IMG_3616

Jerzy made book shelves around the window. He changed the windows from single pane to dual pane. From ugly stained yellow carpet stripped off and replaced with 12-inch thick laminate flooring. Using a 12-inch think size of laminate, had a different feel on the floor which looked & felt like the real wood. That is the difference between a 9- inch & 12- inch size. On a 9-inch thick size, you can feel & hear the sound when someone is walking the floor unlike the 12 inch feel was a little condensed. He got the floor $.99 per square feet. It was definitely a good deal!


Notice the natural wood color of the book shelves was left untouched but finishing was smooth as the president’s table. He used the same wood to match it & border the two other windows. Notice he pained the middle part of the window border red as his main color. This I believe was done to match his handcrafted cabinets. One was sitting across where all the crosses were exhibited. Another one in the middle of the two couches. Where you see a giant dream catcher sticked on the cabinet. Notice there are also three more dream catchers in the living room. He believes it brings him peace, tranquility & a good night’s sleep. There are more dream catchers in the master’s bedroom so keep on reading.


Entertainment Area

This entertainment area was so sadly looking in its before photo.. The remodeled picture still shows unfinished but the lively colors of green, yellow & maroon, defines this area a true entertainment center. Jerzy carved the top & sidings fo the furniture to create personal touch and character. Notice the two unique pieces (bouquet of flowers & statue) was painted by him to complement the entire furniture.

IMG_3599 IMG_3620 IMG_3619


The 1970’s wallpaper, kitchen counter bar & old stove were peeled out to bring out a fresh new look. Jerzy opened the kitchen with light gray kitchen counter tops, beige matt tiled flooring, brand new stove & refrigerator. The yellow lights with red light casing creates mood in the kitchen.  Notice his third piece of beautifully handcrafted china cabinet.

IMG_0655 IMG_0657 IMG_0656
IMG_0654 IMG_0661


IMG_3601 IMG_3612 IMG_3621
IMG_3602 IMG_3604


Master’s Room & Bathroom

My favorite piece he made is the mirror bathroom. He did some intricate carvings and used combination of bright colors similar to his handcrafted cabinets. Angeli had suggested to use the same colors to finish the sink cabinets that are still in the works. The same gray granite counter was placed in the bathroom.

Notice he placed four dream catchers at the windows of his bedroom. His fifth piece of handcrafted dresser play such a cheerful piece of furniture in his bedroom.

IMG_0649 IMG_0651


IMG_3605 IMG_3607 IMG_3608
IMG_3609 IMG_3611


Tea Time Photo with Angeli & Jerzy


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